Dreamlight is hiring!

Dreamlight is hiring! we are looking for:

C++/BP Programmer


  • good knowledge of UE4 as work tool
  • minimum 1 years’ experience in C++ programming
  • experience with Blueprint programming system
  • capacity for teamwork

What you will do:

  • You will oversee the work on the multiplayer system
  • you will work in optimizing of code and logics



To submit your application, click here



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What’s Signs of Glory?!

SIGNS OF GLORY: Explore, fight for survival and build your empire with your friends!



Signs of Glory is a survival-style game, in which players will be challenged to:

  • Overcome hunger, by hunting and gathering food;

  • Quench their thirst, by finding drinkable water;

  • Survive, by fighting the elements and hostile creatures;

  • Explore the land and sea, with all of their secrets

  • Craft their shelter and civilization, by uniting with friends

In addition to all of these elements, Signs of Glory is full of events that put the player in the middle of a fight between godlike forces. You will be able to interact with such forces, and making choices...

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Welcome to DreamLight


After waiting for so long Dreamlight is pleased to welcome you into its world, by sharing their activities, the various developments and works that will be performed in the production course. Among the proposed activities will include:

  • Constant updates on the development

  • Where will be possible to recommend and rate contents


“Who we are”, in this section we will post some info about the Team.

*Section Under Construction!

You can keep up with our events in the “Events” section, where you can read in detail what we will plan to do for you!

In “Projects”, we will show some features of some of our upcoming works, with all the details we can disclose at the moment.


Each of them will have their own subsections in which all specifications will be included, the content, the media and...

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